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Mixed Levels Flow

A vinyasa-inspired flow designed to be accessible and rewarding to all levels of experience. This class will move through a sequence of poses in coordination with the breath and include strengthening, stretching and balancing postures with a focus on safety and proper alignment. Many options, modifications, and the use of props will be offered. You will be encouraged to move at your own pace and desired level.

Basics / Beginner Flow

This class is ideal for the beginner as well as those who want to return to the basics. Focusing on learning foundational yoga postures, proper alignment, and sun salutations, this class will prepare you for any mixed level or dynamic flow class, and will also provide you with a sense of wellness.

Gentle / Beginner

A class designed to give you the space to practice yoga in a relaxed and safe way with sequences of static poses and easy transitions. This is a wonderful class for seniors, those with physical limitations, injuries or anyone who would like to relax in their practice.

Mixed Levels Hatha

This class is a mental and physical balance of stretching and strengthening, movement and stillness for all levels of students. It is centered around opening up the body and the breath, encouraging the proper alignment of a wide range of asanas (poses), which will allow energy to flow, and stillness to be found in a safe and encouraged manner.

Intermediate Flow

This vinyasa-inspired flow is for the practitioner looking to safely advance their practice. This class will move through a sequence of poses, linked with breath, for the purpose of opening and preparing the body to safely enter more advanced postures. Detailed instruction will be given to make advanced poses accessible. You will be encouraged to move at your own pace but pushed to your edge.

Candlelight Slow Flow

A slow and mindful vinyasa class, set to the soft glow of candles. You will be guided to practice at whatever level you desire and leave feeling grounded, centered and ready for a good night’s rest. Beginner friendly.

Candlelight Yin

Yin Yoga helps to deepen flexibility, increase your range of motion, and relieve stress. This meditative, healing practice is made up of passive poses held over longer periods of time. It benefits connective tissues, joints, and bones while letting the muscles relax. Balance your active yoga practice or recover from any workout. Appropriate for all levels.

Vibrant Vinyasa

Prepare to sweat in this vigorous vinyasa class. Cultivate lightness and strength as you move through postures that are creatively linked and sequenced. Explore arm balances and inversions that are interwoven throughout the class. Elevate your practice and your sense of self confidence and leave this class feeling energized and capable of handling challenging situations off your mat. Prior yoga experience is necessary in order fully benefit from this class.

Dynamic Flow

This class is perfect for anyone looking for a challenge or to advance their practice. Move through sun salutations and creative flows, linking breath and movement to build heat, then practice strengthening postures with opportunities to play with more advanced poses such as arm balances and inversions. Class will wind down and take advantage of the internal heat with longer held poses focusing on stretching and a rewarding final relaxation. This more vigorous vinyasa class will have you feeling energized.

Energy-Centered Flow

Awaken and transform your body’s chakras (energy centers) and discover your own untapped energy with a unique combination of vinyasa flow and Kundalini, blending postures, breath, movement and mantras to achieve your highest consciousness and help balance your life.

Sunrise Flow

A 60 minute yoga class for all levels of yoga experience. Carly’s Sunrise yoga flow will awaken your body, fire up your core and get you ready to start your day. Her non-traditional playlist is a treat as well.

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