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Zen Kids Yoga Camp

with Jackie Viereck

Monday – Friday, July 24-28, 2017 • 12:30pm – 3:30pm • Main Studio

This summer, Ananda Yoga + Wellness will be hosting our first ever Kids Yoga Summer Camp with Jackie Viereck, RYT-200 & Certified Kids Yoga Instructor. Our camp will run from Monday, July 24th through Friday, July 28th, 12:30-3:30pm for ages 5 and up.

What can you expect from this unique and specially created camp?! Your kids will spend their time learning, laughing, practicing yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, conducting the COOLEST meditation experiments, snacking, crafting, and MORE! From start to finish, your kids will stay engaged in the world of yoga giving them a better understanding of not only how beneficial yoga can be for kids of all ages, but how much fun it can be too!

Our goal with this summer camp is to provide a positive and supportive environment for all of our little yogis to have fun and forge lasting friendships rooted in the same principles of mindfulness, kindness towards all beings and encouragement to be their own unique selves that yoga teaches us to follow on and off our mats.

Register Before May 24th:

$250 Early Bird Discount First Child
$225 Early Bird & Sibling Discount, Each Sibling

Register After May 24th:

$275 First Child
$250 Sibling Discount, Each Sibling

Prices include all crafts, supplies and snacks.

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Fun Flow First Friday, Glowga! – CANCELLED

with Jackie Dadario

Friday, June 2, 2017 • 7:30pm – 9:00pm • Main Studio

What’s more fun than a Yoga Dance Party? A glow in the dark yoga dance party! Come on out and get your Glowga on and join Jackie for a fun flow to some dancing tunes!

Wear your whitest tank and your brightest pants. All glow accessories will be provided so get there early get your glow going.


Diana Aguirre from D’Moda Sportswear will be here with her entire line of fabulous yoga pants. The prints are bright and funky and PERFECT for a glow in the dark class. Come early to try some on and maybe flow and glow in a brand new pair of pants!


Aroma Yoga

with Karen Kapus

Friday, May 19, 2017 • 7:30pm – 9:00pm • Main Studio

Please join us as we deepen and expand our yoga experience in new dimensions for an all levels flow class that combines the use of essential oils and yoga. This rejuvenating and therapeutic workshop will feature a selection of doTERRA essential oils layered into a 90 minute relaxing flow yoga practice followed by a Intro to Essential Oils class that will introduce selected oils and their uses to maintain a healthy state of of being.

$15 + $5 cash (for the cost of the essential oil samples you will receive)

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Yoga & Wellness • Stay & Play

An All Day Fundraiser for Reach & Raise to Support Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Saturday, May 13, 2017 • 8:00am – 6:00pm • Main Studio

Enjoy a full day of-self care—mind, body and soul—all while raising money for a wonderful cause! Stay all day or take a class or two or more. You’ll have an opportunity to learn about essential oils, ayurveda, and other means of holistic wellness.

Some of the offerings for Stay & Play:

  • A variety of yoga classes offered by several teachers
  • Chair massage
  • Skincare information
  • Ayurveda dosha tests and information
  • Products from local vendors
  • Healthy snacks
  • Purchase tickets for a chance to win one of our amazing gift baskets. They will be raffled off before our Reach and Raise event on May 21st.

Any amount of donation is appreciated. Cash, check or credit will be accepted.

The Day’s Schedule:

All classes are 45 minutes.

8:00 am • Opening Meditation with Shelly and Sun Salutations with Karen N.

Get mentally centered and calm followed by linking breath and movement to build heat and energy.

9:00 am • Heart Opening Flow with Jackie R.

Feel the love with this heart opening flow that will open your heart inside and out.

10:00 am • Arm Balances with Jackie D.

Move past fear, build better balance, and strengthen your body with arm balance yoga poses.

11:00 am • Mastering Your Darkness with Kelly F.

A practice in withdrawing the senses, breathing into your fullness and allowing the true self to guide you. We will be moving blindfolded.

12:00 pm • Lunch Break

1:00 pm • Yin Yoga with Jenn

Deepen your flexibility, increase range of motion, and relieve stress with passive poses held over longer periods of time.

2:00 pm • Core Flow with Marcia

Tap into your core and find strength and connection to your power center.

3:00 pm • Get Hippy with It with Michelle

Flow and let go of tension and tightness with a hip-opening focused flow.

4:00 pm • Family Yoga with Jackie V.

Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Kids, Grandkids! Together, we’ll spend an hour stretching, playing games, laughing and learning ways to cultivate calm through traditional yoga practices with kid-friendly twists!

5:00 pm • Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Closing Meditation with Karen and Shelly

A completely passive practice utilizing props to support our bodies encouraging complete relaxation and healing, both physically and mentally. Followed by sleep with awareness, intended to induce full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness.


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Sunday Slowdown · Yin Yoga + Meditation

with Jennifer Veale

Sunday, May 7, 2017 • 7:00pm – 8:30pm • Main Studio

Start your month in peace with Yin Yoga + Meditation. Each class will have a special focus and meditation to accompany it. Yin Yoga helps to deepen flexibility, increase your range of motion, and relieve stress. This healing practice is made up of passive poses held over longer periods of time. It benefits connective tissues, joints, and bones while letting the muscles relax. Appropriate for all levels. Meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety, increase mindfulness, and so much more!


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with Robin Debreceni

Saturday, May 6, 2017 • 12:00pm – 6:00pm • Main Studio
Sunday, May 7, 2017 • 1:00 – 6:00pm • Main Studio

Perfectly refined, Sanskrit is the language of yoga. Anyone can resonate with Sanskrit’s timeless sounds—and connect to words and ideas incredibly beautiful and profound.

Rewards are many for those who take the time to see, hear and feel the power and elegance of Sanskrit. Those interested in yoga philosophy particularly benefit from this study.

This weekend workshop will give you intimate familiarity with the unique points of resonance in your own palate that support Sanksrit’s sacred sounds. And you’ll be firmly grounded in proper pronunciation of this ancient language.

Along the way you’ll learn the alphabet—itself a lovely chant—and you’ll receive the tools you need to explore your favorite sutras and chants in the beautiful script of Sanskrit, Devanāgarī. ASI’s teaching method, developed over many years by Vyaas Houston, makes learning Sanskrit stress-free and fun!

Robin Debreceni first discovered the study of Sanskrit at an ASI workshop in 2014. After the Introductory Weekend, she continued her studies with Zoe Mai. In addition to attending classes and workshops, Robin currently teaches weekly classes at Trishula Yoga and tutors beginning students when needed. She feels that the study of Sanskrit and applying the ASI learning model has been a transformative force in her daily life.

Register early. Limited to 10 people.

$250 Workbook provided. Complimentary snacks and tea.

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Wenonah Woods Yoga + Meditation Hike

with Karen Kapus

Sunday, April 30, 2017 • 1:30pm – 4:00pm • Community Space

Join Ananda Yoga + Wellness for an afternoon of yoga, hiking, and meditation. We will begin with a guided walking meditation, winding our way through the peaceful trails of the Wenonah conservation area. Along the way, we will stop and enjoy a yoga practice, guided relaxation, snacks and conversation in the beautiful teahouse surrounded by trees and nature. Taking pictures and soaking in the moment will be encouraged along the way! This event is suitable for all levels and will take place rain or shine.

$30 Limited to 20 participants.

We will meet at the studio. Please arrive by 1:15 at the latest since will start the hike promptly at 1:30.

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Introduction to Numerology – CANCELLED

with Krista Eggering

Saturday, April 29, 2017 • 3:00pm – 5:00pm • Main Studio

The ancient science of Numerology is the study of how the numerical vibrations effect us, universally and personally. Through the birth date, we will explore how these numerical vibrations can reveal one’s life path, personal year, inner strengths and future tendencies. We will also work with your name and find the Soul Urge, The Secret Self and the Expression. Sound is the result of vibration – which is only another way of saying that every sound has a number behind it. Based on your findings, each person will individually make their own mala bracelet made of wood and semi precious stones. Each number is represented by a semi precious stone to reflect the essence of its vibrations. A wonderful memory to remind you of the journey you explored at the workshop. Please bring a notebook and pen or pencil.

$40 (all supplies included)

This class is limited to 15 participants so please sign up now to reserve your spot.

Krista Lynn Eggering is a Jewelry Designer and Creative Spiritual Workshop Facilitator living at the Jersey Shore with her two sons and 3 cats. Her 11+ year journey of spiritual growth and self-awareness has guided her to share her knowledge of beading, crystals and creative spirituality with the public. Featured on HGTV’s “That’s Clever” in 2005, Krista Lynn is self taught and has traveled the world and researched the spiritual and healing qualities in gemstones and crystals. It is her passion, purpose and intention to share and inspire the talismans that have inspired her. The intention behind her workshops is to guide you in a mindful experience where you trust your intuition and tap into your creativity. She believes that we all have the answers within us…we just need to awaken and brings those answers to light.

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Beginner Yoga 5 Week Series

with Kelly Friedberg

Saturdays, April 1 – 29, 2017 • 11:30am – 12:45pm • Main Studio

If you are looking for a way to get back to you, find your calm, learn to be at ease in challenging situations, gain mental and physical strength and flexibility, and be your best self, then join me for five weeks of focused yoga training designed for the “Newbie Yogi”. If you’ve never taken a class, or maybe taken a few, or have been off your mat for a long time and would like to get back; if you are curious about what yoga can do for you, and would like to learn more about the mind body connection in an environment that encourages questions then this series is for you!

Throughout the series, we will dive into the basics of Yoga poses (asanas), Breathing exercises (pranayama), and some meditation (dyhana). Each class will have a physical practice, breath work, open time for questions/discussion, and include aromatherapy and a short, guided meditation that supports the focus of the week.

But don’t let all this yoga talk intimidate you. The poses will be broken down and made accessible to EVERYbody, using modifications and yoga props. This will be a safe, comfortable environment where you will be encouraged and free to exhale, be yourself, and learn! This series is designed to build knowledge each week so committing to the whole series is encouraged, but all weeks will be truly beginner so drop-ins are always welcome, the more the merrier.

$85 for 5 Week Series
$22 for Single Class

A minimum amount of attendees is required to run this series so kindly register by March 25th if you plan to attend the whole series.

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Buti Yoga 4 Week Trial

with Keli Corbett Lezotte

Sundays, February 5 – 26, 2017 • 8:00am – 8:45am • Main Studio

Buti Yoga workouts transform your BODY + SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice. Come try it at Ananda with certified Buti Yoga teacher, Keli Corbett Lezotte during the month of February, every Sunday 8:00-8:45 am!

$15 for Drop-In or Use Your Current Class Package

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