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Ananda Yoga + Wellness instructors provide clients with private sessions specifically designed to meet individual needs. Each program is customized to help individuals achieve their goals. We are passionate about personalizing your experience to help you increase flexibility, build strength and find balance in a nurturing and comfortable environment.

Why should you consider private sessions?

  • Convenient scheduling helps you incorporate a customized program into your busy schedule.
  • A private and comfortable practice in a personal setting either at our studio or in your home.
  • Therapeutic programs help improve such issues such as back pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s, and various mental conditions.
  • Athletes will improve flexibility to reduce injury and improve performance.
  • Beginners will learn proper form and fundamentals to establish a proper and effective yoga practice.
  • Advanced practitioners have the opportunity to work on more challenging poses, inversions, arm balances, etc.

Schedule a Private Yoga Session

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